Jo Baguley is a leading lawyer in resource management, planning and environmental law across Northland.  In recognition of her specialist knowledge and years of experience, she has been elected as co-chair of the Resource Management Law Association for Northland.

Jo’s practice ranges from Cape Reinga to Waipu.  Her clients include local authorities, landowners, developers, iwi and community groups.  She is well-respected for her expertise, pragmatism, and professionalism in this field by resource management experts and judges and Commissioners in the Environment Court.

Jo was sole counsel for the Far North District Council (FNDC) for 93 appeals between 2005 and 2009.  This entailed representing the FNDC regarding the development of the District Plan (operative in 2009) in the Environment Court.  Consequently, Jo’s knowledge of the District Plan is extensive and highly valued.  Jo advises the Far North District Council on the following:

  • Resource consent and plan change appeals in the Environment Court
  • Opinions on the District Plan.
  • Judicial review actions to the High Court,
  • Enforcement actions under the Resource Management Act,
  • Reserves Act issues
  • Walking Access Commission issues
  • Planning policy issues such as open space and reserve management strategies.

In the Whangarei area, Jo acts for the other side of the fence. Her clients are landowners, submitters, developers, community groups, local authorities, and the Regional Council.  Because she regularly appears at Council hearings, mediations, Environment, and High Court, Jo has developed a wide network of resource management professionals.   This means she can easily source information around issues for her clients, making her very effective.

She can act for you in relation to:

  • Resource Consents
  • Plan changes
  • Commission hearings
  • Enforcement issues
  • Judicial review and community engagement

Our recent work
Jo has appeared in hundreds of cases in the Environment Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.  However, her most recent cases include:

Haines House Haulage Northland Limited v Whangarei District Council

Mills v Far North District Council

Northland Regional Council v Far North District Council