FIRST DIRECTION  |  Simple and low-key 

We understand that some things in life can be hard to deal with. At Kerikeri Law firm Atlas Legal it is our job to take the pressure off you and help resolve issues. First Direction is a one-off consultation service offered by Kerikeri lawyers Atlas Legal.

The purpose of the First Direction meeting with our lawyers is to give you a “heads up” about your legal issues and the options available to you. You should leave with enough of a steer to enable you to decide what to do next.

This is a 30 minute session for a fixed fee with no ongoing retainer by Atlas Legal or you as the client.  For your peace of mind, get professional advice at a reasonable price.  The cost for a First Direction meeting $120(plus GST).

Exactly what you need

Often we find that a one-off First Direction consultation will be enough to clarify things in your mind for you to make your own decisions about what to do next. In more complex cases, where further action will be required, we will talk through those options for you to consider.

There is no obligation to engage our Kerikeri lawyers or legal services beyond that point. However, if you want to engage with us further, we will discuss our standard terms of engagement at Atlas Legal outside of the First Direction service.

First Direction is a simple, low-key way of seeking help with a legal issue. It is aimed at taking away some of your concern about cost and approachability when you need legal advice.

We would love to meet you and hear about your issue. Contact us to make an appointment or inquire further about this service.